Welcome to Beth Jacob Congregation

Welcome to Beth Jacob Congregation

Welcome to Beth Jacob CongregationWelcome to Beth Jacob CongregationWelcome to Beth Jacob Congregation

7020 N. Main Street

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Rabbi Leibel Agar


3/19/2020 - We at Beth Jacob Synagogue appreciate everyone’s concern about COVID-19, due to a positive test result in Miami & Montgomery Counties, and the Board of Directors at Beth Jacob Congregation has decided to cancel Shabbat services, effective with this Shabbat 3/21/2020 until further notice. 

All future calendar events are on hold with just a couple exceptions:

Tuesday & Thursday Classes with the Rabbi will be available via Skype. Please contact Rabbi Agar directly at 929-202-3864 for more details.

The Matzah Bake class to be held on Sunday, March 29th has been altered and will be presented via Skype, please contact Rabbi for access details. The Rabbi will also be creating educational videos to watch at your leisure. More details on video access to follow.

During this time the building at Beth Jacob Synagogue will be cleaned and will not be accepting visitors. You can still reach the Tammy by calling 937-274-2149. If you wish to reach Rabbi Agar for any reason please call him on his personal cell at 929-202-3864.

We will keep you informed via email communication of ongoing plans to reinstate services.

All of us at Beth Jacob want everyone to feel safe and healthy. We continue to wish you all good health and safety, and remember to wash to your hands.

Beth Jacob Board of Directors

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Your are invited to enjoy Jewish services with a small, hamish congregation.

We offer Shabbos, and Yom Tovim services following orthodox halacha, using Artscroll prayer books, all in a Traditional, non-mechitza setting.


Our weekly Shabbat service is held on Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM.


We would love to meet you with you.

Please feel free to join us.

7020 N Main St, Dayton, Ohio 45415, United States



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