Beth Jacob Happenings

Volunteer Opprotunties

Haftarah/Service -- We are looking for individuals to chant the Haftarah on Shabbosim and/or lead service. If interested, please contact Stan Kriesberg.

Social Action

We volunteer our time to serve dinner at St. Vincent's on the 4th Sunday of each month.  Please call the synagogue office or Sis Litvin if you would like to help.

Membership Updates

Things are always changing!  Please keep us up to date with you correct information such as current address, phone, email, Hebrew names, etc.

Reliable Kosher Certifications

Please contact the synagogue for a list of acceptable Kosher certifications that we use.

Honoring & Remembering

 There are many ways to honor a birthday, anniversary, family Simcha, or to remember a loved one. You can:
Send a Donation Card
Purchase a Prayer Book
Purchase a Tree of Life Leaf
Purchase a Yahrzeit Plaque
Sponsor a Kiddush.
Contact the Synagogue office for more information.


Sick List

Please notify the synagogue office if you or a loved one are ill and want to be placed on the prayer list.